Reasons Why You Should Hire a Security Company

Quality service, uncompromising integrity, and expert training are the principles on which RSIG Security was built. In this new age of security challenges, our company is ready to partner with you to develop and implement a 360° full-service strategy tailored to the safety, security, and financial needs of your business. Our industry-leading, four-phase training strategy ensures that every employee meets or exceeds the requirements of his or her job at every location. Outstanding performance is expected of every employee and will be recognized and rewarded. With one call to a toll-free number, RSIG Security Emergency Dispatch Center can deploy emergency security coverage to any of its client’s locations across the United States and Canada within a matter of hours. RSIG provides custom-tailored security solutions for the film and entertainment industry. To date, we have been contracted to provide security for over 33 films. In addition, we provide security for short and long-term commercial shoots. RSIG Security provides the healthcare field with quality and added value while bringing you unsurpassed safety and security solutions to help manage risks and reduce your costs. After learning the specific wants and needs to be desired for each location, our team determines which concierge will be best suited for the location. These additional steps, accompanied by ongoing training, create optimal experiences for your residents on a daily basis. RSIG is more than just a security company. 


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