Investigative Services

Investigative Services

RSIG Security Investigative Services is committed to helping you resolve complex and often difficult issues, handling each case with the urgency and professional discretion you expect. Electronic monitoring, interview and background checks are all examples of delicate situations that must be handled through precise, legally binding methods so that you can confidently take legal action, if required. Knowing that every RSIG Security investigative professional is thoroughly trained and experienced in his or her field ensures that the best available person is always on the case.
Investigative service techniques and tools are changing at a rapid pace. Technology has impacted our business in a powerful way, making investigations more thorough and effective than ever before. But, just like keeping up with the latest operating system software on your personal computer, the available choices can often be overwhelming. Call today and we’ll help you put together an investigative service strategy that meets the goals of your specific business or situation, as well as your bottom line.

RSIG Security offers a complete portfolio of investigative services, including:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Covert/Undercover Operations
  • Surveillance and Counter-surveillance
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Trial Preparation
  • Missing Persons
  • Asset Searches
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking
  • Electronic Monitoring and Countermeasures
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Background Investigations
  • Pre-Employment Investigations

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