Concierge Division

Concierge Division

RSIG Concierge Services Division is committed to giving our clients the highest possible level of customer service. With client personnel, visitors, vendors, residents and guests, it seems only too obvious that your building would require its very own personal assistant. While our varying portfolio of clients do have a spectrum of needs that require unique differences from every program and concierge that we provide, there are several core services that remain somewhat consistent across all of our locations.

Some of these services include:

· Packages: Reception, cataloging and delivery. Despite lockboxes and coded safety bins, there will always be a need for assistance with packages in a moment’s notice. Be it a holiday rush or an unexpected pandemic, our concierges value our customers and their residents assets, and they work hard to keep their property secure and accounted for.

· Move-in assistance: New people to the building are the least familiar with both the layout of the property and policies, and rules in general. Assisting in the access and education of guests and residents can be extremely beneficial in our overall efforts to provide everyone with the structure they have paid for.

· Escorts: There are often times when a resident or client may prefer a friendly face join them to maintain a secure trip to their car or dumpster or garage structure. Knowing that our concierge also comes tethered to a constant GPS ping while on duty provides an added measure of safety and security.

· Welcome/Deny entry: Denying visitors who don’t hold an invitation is one of the more basic functions of access control. However, announcing guests and properly greeting those who are welcome can be just as valuable, if not more so.

· Communication: Having the building’s own personal assistant makes it easier for our clients to go about their business knowing that we have the tools and technology to stay in touch both over the phone and in real-time reporting. Geo-fencing the property, scanning hotspots, routine entries and auto-disseminating incident alerts. Our communication tools and procedure leave little time to waste.

Below are some of the offerings that RSIG Concierge Services can provide through our proven network of service providers, through coordinating, reserving and arranging for the following items:

  • Flowers & balloons
  • Transportation
  • Tickets provided access to special events and discounted ticket programs
RSIG Concierge Services and rates are extremely competitive and allow us to utilize our established network of service providers to accommodate any of our client’s needs. For more information Contact Us.

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