Company Overview

RSIG Security, headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, was built from a simple yet powerful idea: to offer the highest quality customer service available in the security services industry. Company president Tim Mazzie knew from firsthand experience that customer service—developing a true partnership with clients—was sadly lacking in the industry. Having worked for and contracted various security firms, Mr. Mazzie knew an opportunity existed for a company that would be more than just another security staffing resource. Today, RSIG Security provides security solutions across the United States and Canada. RSIG Security’s four-phase training strategy ensures that every RSIG Security employee meets or exceeds the requirements of his or her job at every location. The hands-on, “it’s my job” mentality of Mazzie not only cascades down throughout the entire company, but it’s also a prerequisite to employment at RSIG Security.

Supervision and Training

Our commitment to ensuring clients receive only the highest level of customer service begins during our training program. All of our officers complete the RSIG four-phase training program—a comprehensive curriculum designed to build the skill set of every employee.

The first phase of the program—Basic training—is required of every employee before he or she is assigned to a job site. Covering subjects such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, and powers of arrest, our Basic training program ensures that every employee is well prepared the first day on the job.

After the completion of Basic training, employees proceed through three more advanced levels: Bronze (team building, problem solving, report writing, CPR, bomb threats), Silver (advanced communication skills, hospitality/customer service, leadership skills, managing aggressive behavior), and Gold (creativity, courtroom and media relations, SWOT analysis, time management).

In addition, RSIG assigns an operations manager to every account. RSIG operations managers are your personal points of contact, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They employ a variety of quality assurance methods to guarantee your satisfaction; for example, conducting random site checks and ongoing refresher training courses to ensure that officers are keeping your best interest in mind.

RSIG: Your Security Partner

Quality service, uncompromising integrity and expert training are the principles on which RSIG Security was built. In this new age of security challenges, our company is ready to partner with you to develop and implement a 360° full-service strategy tailored to the safety, security and financial needs of your business. Call today and experience for yourself what makes RSIG Security an industry leader.