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At RSIG Security, our employees are our biggest asset.  If you are interested in developing yourself as a security professional, RSIG Security is committed to training you to be the very best.  Our industry-low turnover rate speaks for itself and we invite you to apply for a position within our organization.

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"From concerts to sporting events, VIP parties, movie screenings, movie sets and much more it is amazing how many different industries RSIG Inc. is able to serve. They strive for customer service and customer satisfaction. I have been involved in event security since 2001 and I find RSIG Inc. to be the most diverse company I have worked for. The management has put together a committed group of staff that are able to represent the company as well as the client, to the highest of standards. It is an honor for me to be a part of the RSIG Inc. team."

  • Glen Lang, RSIG Command Supervisor

"I started with RSIG because of my interest in public safety. I expected to be just another body in a security shirt – I was wrong. I found myself working with a dynamic crew of educated individuals that function as a team and have grown to be like a family to me. I credit my advancement to my current supervisor position to the helpful guidance given by management and senior staff. I take pride in wearing my RSIG Uniform."

  • Stef Panzavecchia, RSIG Supervisor

"I've been working for RSIG for about a year now and this has really been one the best working experiences I've ever had. It was my first security job so I really didn't know what to expect. Luckily I was surrounded by wonderful caring staff that showed me all the rights and wrongs. I was able to combine the tips I received from my co-workers with the observations I got from higher ranking officers to become the best security officer I can be. With the wide range of work I have done I've been able to better my customer service skills in ways like never before."

  • Luis Cuello, RSIG Event Staff

"There are many security companies that claim to be premiere outfits however; I have yet to come across any other security company that exceeds RSIG's rigorous standards.  The majority of RSIG's staff is internal referrals that come with high recommendations; they are truly dedicated to doing an exceptional job and expect nothing less at the end of an event.  RSIG separates themselves from other security companies by providing exceptional customer service, attention to details and delivering on our customers' expectations.  Another fact that sets RSIG apart from others is the scope of work that RSIG is capable of servicing.  I have worked large high level political gatherings, working side-by-side with Secret Service and Boston Police Department Special Operations Officers; other companies cannot handle such events.  Specialty events like Triathlons, college functions, in store security, parking security, concerts and motion picture set security are all within the scope of RSIG's capabilities.  I have seen this company handle some amazing assignments and I can contest that they produce outstanding results at every juncture.  It is for this reason that I recommend RSIG to be your security provider, be it personal or event security."

  • Mike Martell, RSIG Supervisor

"Working at RSIG has been an extremely valuable experience.  I've learned many skills that I've been able to apply not only in an event security setting but also to other professional situations.  I take great pride in knowing that I have been a part of RSIG's tremendous growth and success in the industry over the years and look forward to the new challenges/opportunities that are on the horizon."

  • Lesley Calderwood, RSIG Supervisor

"My name is Mary Devlin. I've been with RSIG for several years working both Events and Static side of the business. RSIG has a strong history of leadership, develops camaraderie amongst team staff, has an addiction to customer service and sets high goals for professionalism. That is why I enjoy working for RSIG."

  • Mary Devlin, RSIG Event and Static Staff

"I've been employed at RSIG for about a year now. I feel I've gained a great deal of security experience. What I love about this company is their commitment to always put the client first. Also the willingness to assist new employees in making your time with them as comfortable as possible. I personally am committed to making sure RSIG remains what I consider the premiere security organization in the state."

  • Lamont Thomas, RSIG Event Staff

"I've been working for RSIG for over 3 years. I've worked many events during this time, in a variety of venues. One of my favorite parts of this job is that each shift is a different experience. It never gets boring because it's always new. The people I work with at RSIG also help to keep things fresh.  As a team we're able to take on the challenges that each event presents. Working for RSIG, I've had some fun and interesting experiences with fun and interesting people."

  • Rob Zeitz, Event Staff
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